martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

Mi opinión sobre el blog

Hola amigos: Que buena oportunidad de poder escribir el blog en español para así no tener tantos errores verdad? eso espero.

Quiero dar mi opinión acerca de este trabajo que nos ha estado solicitando el maestro Cabrales. Para mi, sinceramente ha sido de gran ayuda y apoyo. Me encantó escribir blogs, porque como ustedes saben en un principio, yo no sabía nada de computación. Esta práctica me hizo perderle el miedo a la computadora al menos y sentirme satisfecha cada que terminaba un blog y además de ponerle su imágen aunque sencilla, me daba ánimos para seguir haciendo más.

Para mi fué divertido y entretenido el poder ver lo que mis compañeros hacían con tanta creatividad y conocimientos en esta materia. Me encantaría que el próximo semestre siguiéramos haciéndolos, pues de otra manera ya no podría practicar y se me olvidaría, que espero no sea así, pues lo que ya adquirí de práctica en la compu me ayuda a seguir adelante. Gracias maestro por sus enseñanzas y su interés en que aprendamos cosas nuevas cada día.

Hasta pronto amiguitos, los quiero mucho. Celia.

A new kind of club

Hi everybody, how are you feeling? a little bit tired? Me too, but we are almost done right? I'm writing this last blog for this period of time. Hope you like it.
In the twentieth a psycologist George W. Crane started to teach psycology at the Northwestern University in Chicago. His clases were at night with people who work in stores, offices and factories in Chicago during the day, so they used to take this classes at night.

One night a woman named Luisa told Dr. Crane she felt lonely without any friends after she moved to Chicago. "I don't know anybody except a girl at the office" she said.

It was due to Luisa's problem that Dr. Crane planned something he called "the flatter club". On the next week, he announced to the class: "you must use your psycology everyday whether at home, at work in the trains and in the buses" said Dr. Crane. "Everyday you must give a sincere flatter to three different persons each day during thirty days. After that I want you to write an essay about your own experiences" he continues "write about the changes you noticed in the people around you, as well as your own personal change in the way you see the life".

Some of Crane's students didn't want to accept that task. They said they don't know what to say to the people, some others were afraid to be rejected, some of them thought that will be dishonest to flatter a person they don't like. "Suppose you see someone you don't like" said a student "wouldn't this will be false?" "Of course not, this will not be lack of sincerity to flatter your enemy" answer Dr. Crane "To flatter someone is to recognize the good things the persons have, your flatter is to lift up the moral of the lonely souls. You don't know the effect that your words will do in a boy or a girl, man or woman in the critic moment they need it.

Dr. Crane's students discovered that their sincere flatters had a possitive effect on all persons around them and the experience had even a better effect on them. Luisa became a real sociable person.

We can lift up persons or put them down in the floor in our relationships. Dr. Crane said " The world is dieing due to lack of love and it is hunger of flatters.

Ok my friends, this is not the end it's just part of the book I'm reading. The author is John C. Maxwell and this is going to be the last blog I write from this period of classes.

lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2008


Hi everyone, the wekend is over. So classes will continue tomorrow. Well, now I'm writing about eagles. It's a book I bought to know about eagles. Here is my report:

For many centuries, eagles have been considered as a symbol and emblem of power, value, nobility and excellence. Almost 50 different species belong to the falcon's family (accipitridas or falconiformes). They are found almost all the world except in the Antartida and New Zeland. They are in danger of extinction. One of the sepecies that is in danger or extinction is the "bald eagle", not because it is bald, but for the white color on its head when the eagle becomes an adult. It's body is maroon color and the head and tail are white. It's scientific name is Haliaeetu leucocephalfus. Bald eagles feed mainly on fish.

In 1782, the United States Congress approved a resolution to turn the blad eagle into the official emblem of that nation.

Another of the species of eagle found in the United States of America is the golden eagle. It's scientif name is Chrsaeto eagle. It's color is maroon and it has gold spots on its head and on its neck. That is why is called like that.

When the Bible mentions the eagle it refer to the "golden eagle". It is considered the fastest of all. It can fly as fast as 225 kilometers pere hour. Eagles get their food only when they are hungry. They don't kill animals just for pleasure. They live near lakes or places like rivers because most of the times they eat fish. The salmon is the white eagle's favorite fish. There are a lot of white eagles in Alaska, Canada and in the United States.

The emblem of Mexico presents an eagle on a cactus under its feet and with its claws and heels is getting a sanake. The golden eagle is our national bird.

Frequently, in the Bible, God uses the eagle's figure to refer himself as the one who cares, provides and protects His sons. The eagle is a solitary bird. It doesn't fly in flocks except in special cases where there are lots of fish to catch.

Ok, guys, I'm going to stop here. This was just the introduction of the book. On the next blog, I will write about the eaglle's nest. It's already 1:00 a.m. and I'm sleepy. See you tomorrow bye.

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008


Hi, how was your day? here comes another weekend, so we can take a chance to finish our tasks at home or at work. Ok, now I'll write something I read from a magazine and it said that sometimes it is a mistake to judge the activity value just for the time it takes to do the job.

A good example was the case of the engineer who was called to fix a very big and extemely complicated computer which costs 12 millions of dollars.

Sitting in front of the computer, he pressed some keyboards, he moved his head affirmatively, he talked by himself and turned off the computer. Then he took a little screwdriver from his bag and turned just one time to a very tiny screwdriver.

Then he turned on the computer again and checked it was working correctly. The company's president was fascinated and he wanted to pay to account at the moment. "How much is it?" he asked. It's a thousand dollars. "A thousand dollars!" A thousand dollars just for some moments of work? A thousand dollars just to adjust a simple screwdriver. I know my computer costs 12 million dollars, but one thousand dollars its a nonesense quantity! I will pay you only if you give me a perfectly well detailed invoice, which justify this.

The engineer moved his head affirmatively and left. The next morning, the president received the invoice, read it carefully, shaked his head and proceded to pay it at the moment without saing anything.

The invoice said:

Given services:

To tighten a screw.........$1 dollar

To know which screw to thighten.....$999 dollars

REMEMBER: We earn for what we know, not for what we do.

Ok, guys I hope you understand this translation. See you on Monday at school bye bye.

martes, 14 de octubre de 2008


Hello my dear friends, are you ready for school this afternoon? I'm going to continue writing from a book a read long time ago, about the eagle's life.

The eagle builds its nest on the top of very big trees or on the difficult access rocks. The bald eagle and golden eagle's nest can meassure more than 3 meters of deepness and about 2 meters wide. The best known nest is the one which has 6 meters of deepness. The golden eagle can use nests built long time ago by other eagles, but it continues building it. it shares the nest with its partner. In this nest the couple give care, protection and food to the baby eagles untill they get its autonomy, so it means they need to go to other place to build their own nest.

The eagle belongs to the altitudes. It likes to fly and to live high. The altitudes are its enjoyment that's why it builds its nest in the highest places. Although because of being a big size bird, when it comes out of the high nest, it can take highness in its flying.

During all its life, the eagle continues constructing in its nest. The golden eagle may have 2 or 3 nests built in different places, but only uses one per season. In that nest the couple feed their babies. They help them to develop its basic instincts to survive. They give them protection, care and food, but when they are grown, strong enough and have the ability to support itself, the eagle father or mother need to take the decision to make them leave the nest.

So they can learn to fly, their parents must push them out of the nest from the top of the tree to make them fly and not to be afraid of the altitudes. God also, most of the times needs to use special situations in the immature believers so they can become mature.

The eagles mate each other forever. Its nest is not shared with any other eagle.

The bird oriole from Baltimore in the United States of America and the English sparrow, are little birds who find refuge or shelter in the giant eagle nest. In that nest the eagle built for itself, this little birds build their little nests there.
The eagle doen't take them out. They live peacefully and share with this strange defenceless and needed neighbors. It is very generous.

The believer eagle serves to one another. What they have, they share it with everyone. To serve other without expecting nothing just the approval of God it's their joy. What kind of nest are we buildig as God's eagles? Where are we building our nests? What size is our nest? Do we share our nest with the ones who are needed?.

Well guys. I'll stop here it's almost time to go to school. I'm going to get ready. See you later.

lunes, 13 de octubre de 2008

THE EAGLE Symbol of excellence

Hi everyone, the weekend is over, so let's continue tomorrow with classes. Well, now I'm writing about eagles. It's a book I bought to know about eagles. It says like this.

For many centuries the eagles had been considered as a symbol and emblem of power, value, nobility and excellence. Almost 50 different species belong to the falcon's family(accipitridas o falconiformes). They are in almost all the world except at the Antartida and New Zeland. They are in danger of extinction. The species who are in danger of extinction is the bald eagle, not because it is bald, but for the white color on its head when the eagle becomes an adult. It has its body marroon and the head and tail are white. Its scientific name is Haliaeetu leucocephalfus. This bald eagle use to eat mainly fish.

In the year of 1782, the United States Congress approved a resolution to turn the bald eagle into the official emblem of that great nation.

Other of the eagle's species found in the United States of America is the golden eagle. Its scientific name is chrsaetos eagle. Its color is marroon and it has gold spots on its head and on its neck. That's why it is called like that.

When the Bible mentions the eagle it is refered to the golden eagle. It is considered the fastest of all, once it can get velocities of 225 kilometer per hour. The eagles get its food only when it is hungry. They don't kill animals just for pleasure. They live near lakes or places like rivers because most of the times they eat fish. The salmon is the white eagle's favorite fish. In Alaska, Canada and in the United States, there are a lot of white eagles.

The emblem of Mexico presents an eagle with a cactus under its feet and with its claws and heels it is getting a snake. The golden eagle is our national bird.

In the Bible, frequently, God uses the eagle's figure to refer himself as the one who cares, provides and protects his sons. The eagle is a solitary bird it doesn' fly in flocks except in special cases where there are a lot of fish to catch. The eagle believers live solitary lives, they live apart from other persons and they are just dedicated to God's service.

Ok guys, I'm going to stop here. This was just the introduction of the book. On the next blog I will write about the eagle's nest. It's already 1:00 a.m. and I'm sleepy. See you tomorrow bye.


Hello there, how are you doing with your blogs? Are you almost done? I'm sure you are. Well I'm going to continue with the other part of the Halloween see you later.


The fact that most of the people practice a tradition it does't mean God is agree. Or you'll do it because everybody do it? Let's remember what Jesus said on the gospel of Matheus chapter 15

"Why are you also desobeying God's commands to follow your own traditions?...You are false, that's why the prophet Isaias said about you: These people honored me just with their mouths, but their hearts are away from me. Do not let the social pressure and "What would they say" to convince you. Don't show your children that God's things aren't important. Don't tell them we should love God and by the other hand you let them celebrate an ocultist tradition wearing satan, withches, devils and other costumes. How are they going to respect God? Be an integrity model in your faith and respect to God for your family. Keep firmly in your faith! Take care of the spiritual life in your house, because the halloween moves in an spiritual way and my affect your family.


The spiritual reality exists, even if you don't beleive in it. It's like if someone don't believes in the celular or microscopic world, because they don't see it. And not because of that it doesn't exist or affect your own body. The same thing happens with the spiritual world, we may ignore it, but there it is and it affect us believe it or not. In the spiritual dimension there are only two ways, the good (God) and evil(satan). In fact, the spiritual world is so real that theres people who moves in it and read your future with cards, coffee, your hand, etc. All this practices as Hallowing are from the evil kingdom, God says it in his word.


This question is a sad prove that Halloween had affected our society. How can you think that a party that goes around with devils, witches, monsters and demons may please God? Nevertheless, you are not ignorant about it, that's why you just have two alternatives to remain besides God, even the critics or comments from your friends and family or to do what the social pressure want and participate knowing the truth in a tradition of a satanic church. It's totally up to you.


1.-Explain your children why are they not going to celebrate Halloween. And don't let them go and ask for candies. There are some other celebrations for children, like children's day, Spring days, posadas etc.

2.-Don't let your children attend to a Halloween party at school or kindergarten. Explain the reason to the teacher. Give them a pamphlet or just don't send them to school on that day. It's better and absence than to participate on this.

3.-Don't give any candies to the children who are asking in neighborhood. That is also a participation. If they come with an adult, explain them and give them a copy of this pamphlet.

4.- Photocopy this pamphlet and give it to your friends or people you know. Give it to people you know they're believers, but doen't know nothing about Halloween.

5.- If you are young, you too need to keep your faithful in God.

6.- If you have a store do not sell Halloween articles, do not promote this, but give your customers a pamphet or put it where it can be seen. Help us to have a firm Mexico in its faith and respect to God.

If you ever had participated in Halloween or any other ocultist practice (ouija, cards readings, coffee, hand, astrology, death consults, etc), ask God to forgive you even if you were ignorant about this and tell him you want to have a relation with him. God listen to everyone and he is great in mercy to forgive and give us his love.

Well, I'm done with this blog. I'm going to think now what to write for the next one. Hope you like it and understand my translation. See you at class.

viernes, 10 de octubre de 2008


Hi everybody I whish you enjoy this long weekend. I'm going to write something about Halloween from a pamphlet I have. I'm going to try to translate it as well as I can ok? Well it says like this:

Did you know that Halloween is a tradition that goes against our Christian faith? If you are a believer, do not let any of your family to participate in this celebration at any level.

Before nothing, let us remind you, that this information is for people who believes in God. If you are not a believer, what we are going to explain won't have sense for you.

Halloween instead of not being a Christian tradition, it's a satanic origin celebration. Maybe the way it's celebrated nowadays may look like something for children, but have you ever ask yourself which is the origin of the Halloween? Where does it comes from? Why is it celebrated on October 31st.?

On october it's the satanics and witches more important celebration. If you think these kind of persons do not exist, you are wrong. There are some countries where the satanic church is already registered. In the United States in the 60's there was approved the first register of a satanic church. Eventhough there are national and international withches associations. Also it's known that one of their congresses was celebrated at Cd. Juárez Chihuahua.

The followers of the evil power have two big events which are celebrated on October 31st the Sabbath and Samhain festival, both are Halloween.

Sanhaim's festival used to be celebrated each October 31st by the Celtas old habitants of the United Kingdom. Sanhaim was their god and the death lord, do they honored him by offering him sacrifices of harvests, animals and human beings. The Druids who were the Deltas' priests asked the people to offer a baby or a virgin woman to be sacrificed that night on which the lord of the death will visit them with all his devils. The ones whose not accept to offer the victim they were marked on their houses' door, so that night all the devils will destroy them. The ones who were agree, they were protected by the spirits having a vegetable with a candle in it. (Doesn't it sounds you like the pumpkin?).
During the ceremony the Druids wore costumes out of animals leather which were sacrificed to take out the devils who visited the town so they can be in calm the next day. With the ashes of the sacrifices rests the Druids do a ritual to know the future for the following 12 months.

By the other hand, what we know about Sabbath, they have like a "witches party" on which the witches met to offer sacrifices to satan (lord of the death) by rituals with sexual acts and death.

There are several dates during the year to celebrate the sabbath, but the principal one is on October 31st.

Apparently, but don't forget that there's people who is involved with evil powers and they celebrate it. We know that children participates in an innocently way, but Do you think it's correct that a believer family should celebrate a satanic tradition? Would you accept that anyone in your family wear a t-shirt and blaspheme against Jesus Christ? Then don't accept those parties from the enemy of God. Now that you know what the witches do, do you think it's good for your children to wear witches costumes so they can think it's for fun? Would you send your children to a celebration of an opposite religion than yours? Then don't let them celebrate an ocultist religion which goes against your faith and agaist God.

Ok, guys I'm going to stop here, for the first part, because it's kind of long, I'll write the second part on the next blog ok?

A cigarette's confessions

I'm little, of a fine style shape. I know I'm good looking, dressed in a white paper. I´m always shown on beautiful glass shelves, in elegant golden, cigarette boxes. During the day I'm on desks, at night I'm on bedside tables. I'm always published on newspapers and magazines. Television, gives me important minutes of publicity. My aroma invades everywhere I go.

It is well-known, that since long time ago I have formed an empire with men of all races, poor and rich people, young and old men and women. I stablish the law of this empire. My slaves, as I called them with love, should sacrifice for me whenever I ask them. It doesn't matter how much it cost. As master and king, who I am, I give them pleasure, escape moments and calm for their anxieties.

In exchange to this, they should give their weak heart, their congested lungs and their stained hands and teeth. Not many of them could be able to tolerate cancer pains, but what's the matter comparing with the company I offer them. In the last years some rebellious people are angry about me. They have declare war against me. I don't know who told them that I'm a simple object and that they are human beings who are free to choose and not to create dependance on nothing.

Must of them have increased, but I still have some faithfull and innocent friends who will give their lives for me and do my own volunteer. I hope you who are reading this confession won't never leave me and remember I give you pleasure, you just give me only your health, your life.....this is my empire's law.

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008

Classification Essay (Hmk.)

Hi, this is another homework we need to do. This is in pairs. We need to choose a type of art and Maricela and I decided to write about "Dance" It comes on the book of Passages page 49.

Dance is an art form that generally refers to the body movement, used as an expression form, social iteraction or presented ina performance setting.

Dance has involved many styles and dimensions. First we can mention the ritual dance. It is the kind of dancing our ancesters used to express respect to their gods or just representing important and significant situations in their lives.

Another dimension is when people dance just by leissure. Here we have all those popular styles like salsa, rock and roll, country, break dance and hip hop. Young people get together and dance having good time.

Another interesting dimension is when people dance in competitions. There are events where contestants perform dances before a judge for awards or monetary prizes.

When peope have problems with their physical or mental health, dance is a good option. Doctors recommend dance as a therapy.

Finally, we the performance dance, is the expression of creativity and imagination. Generally a choreagrapher works with dancers in order to perform something in front of a public.

Conclussion: Dance is an essential tool to express our feelings, ideas and emotions.

Ok, this is our opinion for this essay. Hope you like it.

Tunning out the TV (HMK:)

Hello! How are you doing? I'm here enjoying with the blog. This is a homework from the book Passages page 45.

Five advantages of watching TV.

1.- We can learn from art or cultural programs.
2.- We can be well informed with the daily news.
3.- We can enjoy happy moments with our family.
4.- We can see special events from other countries where we can't go like the Olympic Games.
5.- It is very useful to anounce all kind of things you want to sell. Also it's necessary for people
who live alone, for clinics, or hospitals to watch Tv while they are waiting for the doctor, etc.

Five advantages of not watching TV.

1.- Children won't adopt bad habits, like eating on the bed or watching it for long hours.
2.- Children may practice some other games or activities, like going to swim or ride a bike, play
outside with friends with their yoyos, marbles, ropes, dolls, etc.
3.- We can change our daily routine, not being always watching the soap operas instead of being
creating some other things.
4.- We have time to visit friends or family.
5.- Children will spend more time on their tasks or homework. Reading books or at the internet.

See you later guys, have a nice day.

Writing a book report (hmk.)

Hi everybody. Guess what, I'm very angry because I wrote this blog last night until 1:00 am. and as wanted to insert an image, I don't know what happen and I couldn't find my blog anymore. So I'm here writing it again.
About three weeks ago I read a book I found at the SAC. Its title was "The Wizard of Oz" and its author was L. Frank Baum. The main character were a little girl named Dorothy, her dog Toto, a scarecrow, a tin man and a lion. Some others were unlcle Henry, aunt Em, and Glinda the witch of the South.

This story was about Dorothy who lived with her uncle and aunt, but one day a cyclone blows her and her house to a strange country called Oz. There, Dorothy make friends with the scarecrow, the tin man and a lion. But she wanted to go home to Kansas. Only one person can help her, and that was the country's famous wizard.

So Dorothy and her friends took the yellow brick road to the Emerald city to find the wizard of oz. But what they don't know, was that there were no wizard. As they were walking on the road, they were saying what they wish. Dorothy wanted to go home, the scarecrow wanted to have a brain, the tin man wishes to have a heart and the coward lion wanted to be brave.

When they arrived and noticed that the wizard was a lier, he appoligized telling them he arrived there in a balloon and when the people saw him, they thought he was a wizard because the way he arrived so he lied to all of them. The lion was now very fierce, and the man promise to help them. So he open the scarecrow and put on his head a brain, then he gave a heart and oiled the the tin man, the lion was already brave and at last he wanted to send Dorothy in a balloon, but waiting for the dog, the balloon blew away with the man and he shouted her to call the witch of the South and she could help her. So she did it and finally she returned home.

I liked this fancy book and I would recommended it to parents who have children, because they can explain them how easy you can make friends accepting them the way they are, understand its needs and try to help them.

viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2008


Hi, everybody: Here I am trying to write another blog. This time I´m going to write about disappointment, because this is the theme I´m going to talk about tomorrow with the women who comes home. I´m going to try to translate it as better as I can, now I see it´s not so easy being a translator. Ok, it says this:
How many times we read in the newspaper: "A young man murderer his girlfriend because of a love disappointment" or "A father kills himself due to an economic disappointment"?
It had been said that disappointment is a social illness of our times. Which are some of your disappointments? How do you handle them? What if you feel disappointed with God? or with your church? Let´s learn a little bit about this.


1. Not realistic or very high expectations: There are lots of histories about people who got married with very high expectations of how their marriage will be a continuous happiness.
A job or a career: If we don´t have realistic expectations in these areas, we can experiment a disappointment.
2. The television creates a false personal image: We see the hero always happy, with an exciting
life every moment. And our lives seem to be very bored. Then we feed disappointed with life in general. Another way in which the television provokes disappointment is with women, because it makes them feel physically inferior than the actresses or models with bodies apparently perfect and with a romantic life always.
3. Being focused in things or in people instead of being focused in God. We live in a materialistic world that tells us "Happiness is...having your own house, get married, buy such a brand of clothes, having a career, having children, travel, etc." The result of this mentality is the disappointment.

1. Cynicism, bitterness: Have you ever known someone who is still talking about a loss of 20 years ago? It may be a boyfriend, a job, someone who died or something like that?
2. To decide that we are unsuccessful and to live all our lives defeated.
For example a woman who has not been taken in account for a pay raise, she decides she will never will be taken in account and instead of doing her best, she becomes with no interest on what she does.
3. Alcohol, drugs, or think on suicide.

Ok, I'm going to stop here. On the next blog will continue with the answer to this "How to avoid some disappointments." Hope I didn´t bore you with this, but it helps me to practice with the computer and also with the translation and English of course. See you on Monday have a nice weekend.

lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2008

A lesson in caring (Passages page 25)

Homework.... A lesson in caring.

1. In what way do you think the author and his daughter benefited for the visits?

They may be benefited by having the opportunity to share with other people that is real needed not just with friends or the ones they love. They also can see that they have the same feelings for others and see that there are bigger problems and needs than the ones we think we have.

2. What do you think motivated the author to begin doing volunteer work?

His daughter motivated him, because she seems to be more sensible than the father noticing what was happening with the man.

3. Would you consider the author a hero? Why or why not?

Yes, I think he was a hero, because as soon as he saw the article in the newspaper, he decided to participate with his daughter, so he was going to be a model to her daughter showing her these principles. And even when he did'nt feel to go, instead of staying at home on Sunday, enjoying his coffee and newspaper, he did it.

I think this example may show us that we always have to thank God for all what we have, instead of being wishing all what we don't have. And we may see that we have the opportunity to give, to share, to help, etc. Because I think it's better to give than to receive.

viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2008

Michael Jordan's Biography

Hello teacher, hi guys:

Let me talk to you about Michael Jordan.

He is an African American basketball player. He is one of the most successful and popular athletes in sports history.

Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. When he was very young, his familiy moved to Wilmington, North carolina. He loved sports, and it was there where he accepted a basketball scholarship for the University where he played. In his first season, he was named Rookie of the year for 1982.

He left North Carolina when he was selected by the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA). In his first season he was named to the All-Star team where he was later honored. He also participated in the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona spain. The team easily won the gold medal.

In this time, he was the most valuable player of the NBA.
He was retired in 1993-94 to pursue a basball career and also his father was murdered in his car in Noth Carolina.

In 1995 he returned to the NBA. Jordan once again prove the world he was still the greatest basketball player.

Michael Jordan announced his retirement from the NBA in 1999. He resumes his basketball career and starts playing for the Washington Wizards.

domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Don't just get dressed,make a statement

It is important to take a look in our wardrobe before you get dressed. I think we don't need to buy so many clothes just because they're on sale or they're fashion. We can try to combine different garments and learn how to select the appropriate cloths for each ocasion.

We have seen that nowadays people wear whatever they want at any time and everywhere. They wear jeans, shorts, long skirts or dresses, as well as short ones, but I think before we get dressed, we must think and stop a while to decide what to wear according to the place you are going to.

I have seen how people wearing a bathingsuit wants to get into a restaurant just because they're in the same hotel where the beach or the swimmingpool is. And at the same time I have seen other people wearing jeans tennis shoes with socks walking at the beach. Even they go in the water having their socks on.

By the other hand, I have seen also people going to church wearing shorts, sandals and underwear cloths or t-shirts with differents images like devils or groups like kiss or other satanic groups, etc.

We need to think it over, as we were reading on this class because as we agree "the way people look at you, that's the way they treat you"

Here are some different places or events you may be in, so you can decide what to wear. Example:
Going to a wedding, a funneral, to chuch, to the beach, getting a job, to school, to the gym, or going camping, having a date, going to the theather, etc.

I consider it was an interesting theme to think about and it will help us to get well dressed depending the ocassion and the place we are going to. That's all folks for today. See at class bye bye.

domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

A new experience at Matamoros

Hello everybody, it was nice to see you again since a very long vacations time. I heard from some of you some experiences you had on this vacations period. Some of you worked, some went out for vacations and some just stayed home.
Well, I have also an experience to tell you. It's a very long story. First, as most of you remember, Ms. Martha invited us to try to get a job as English teachers of the new program for Federal schools. So I waited for that date and on May I went to take the English exam. After a week they told me I was approved and the next step was that I needed to go to Victoria for a psicometric exam. So my husband took me over there at about 4 o'clock in the morning so I can get there at 8' oclock or before. Then after I finished that exam, we returned that afternoon to Tampico. A week later, they told me I was approved and the next step again was that I needed to take a Diplomado for a whole month on July.
Well, in the meantime, we started vacation at the UAT, remember? but I was still working in the morning at the Latino. So, at the middle of June I was invited by the Santander University to give an English course. I accepted and they asked me to start going with a group of teachers to another school where we were going to make or prepare the manual or antologies for that course.
Since that day I started to go after I leaved my work at 3 0'clock in the afternoon and began to work on those manuals getting information from other books or from internet. It was a real hard and boring job being there sometimes from 3 to 10 0'clock, sometimes from 3 p.m. to 12 a.m. and and there was a day when we left at almost 3 am. trying to get those antologies on time, because the (rector) from the Santander University needed to present or to show it to the governor of the state to see if he approved it.
Of course he approved it, but before that we, worked and worked checking it and doing it again and again. We were not expererinced on doing that, that's why we had mistakes and more mistakes. But at last it was done.
And guess what, now we need to give that Diplomado to teachers who were going to teach some canditate teachers who wanted to have a job at the Federal schools. So, in my case, I was going to supervise or be a coordinator of some other teachers who were going to give the Diplomado. And imagine what, they were going to send me to Nuevo Laredo for the whole month of July, but as the days passed, I asked them to send me to a closest place to Tampico, so they ask me if I wanted to go to Matamoros and I accepted.
After that, they told me I had to train 3 American teachers who were going to cross to Matamoros and I had to coordinate them. But at the same time, they gave me the surprise that I will have to teach also one of the groups because they were 4. I understood they wanted not to pay another teacher.
In all these last days, I was very stressful and worried, first I was thinking "Oh my God, I remember I needed to have a course Ms Martha ask me as a candidate for the Federal schools, how amI going to take it if I already accept this Diplomado" Of couse on those days I did not know it was going to be the same Diplomado I need to take of the one I was going to give at Matamoros, so imagine, untill a teacher from the Latino who worked at the same time at the Federal schools told me "imagine what we are going to have a Diplomado from The Santander University here at the UPN" At that moment, I knew it was the same. So what I did is to tell Ms Martha what was happening and she asked me to give her a letter where it said I was going to give the same Diplomado.
I hope you understand all this story. I'll continue on the next blog because now you'll see my experience at Matamoros, this was just the beggining.
Teacher Cabrales: Sorry for writing this at the very last day of the week, I hope you wouldn't check them before, that's because I was looking for a teacher who has my memory stick or (memoria) where I have the original photos from Matamoros and I wanted to put them at the beggining of the blog, but I couln't find her and the days passed. In this moment I'm going to her house to get my memory stick and I'll try to put the image of the real class. See you on the next blog. Have a nice day!